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About company

About company

Unitary Enterprise «RUBYSTAR» was established in 2000 as an air cargo transportation sales agency and carried out its activities under agency agreements concluded with various airlines. Cooperation with some of these airlines on the sale of air cargo transportation of small consignments continues upto now.

For further development in 2002 «RUBYSTAR» UE made a significant structural reorganization to turn the sales agency into an airline. After the enterprise successfully passed certification in the summer of 2002 carried out by the Civil Aviation Authorities of the Republic of Belarus, at that time - the State Aviation Committee (SAC), an Air Operator’s Certificate was issued by SAC to our Airline, and a few months later, «RUBYSTAR» UE received an official international registration and notification from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) about the assignment a three-letter code (RSB) and a telephone code RUBYSTAR to our Airline, which made it possible to start scheduled and charter flight operations on domestic and international routes under the own call-sign RSB.

For several years «RUBYSTAR Airways» performed scheduled passenger transportations, both on domestic and international routes as a designated airline, and passenger and cargo transportations under long-term contracts with various international organizations.

In 2008 «RUBYSTAR Airways» acquired its first ANTONOV-12 (AN-12) cargo airplane, thus discovering for itself a new niche in the field of international air cargo transportation, and thanks to its reliable and high-quality work, our Airline has taken a worthy place in the international air cargo transportation market. From this moment to the present, the main activity of «RUBYSTAR» UE is the commercial operation of different types of cargo aircraft providing services for the transportation of any type of cargo, including general, humanitarian, special, Dangerous Goods etc.

The Airline possess all necessary state and international permits, authorisations and certificates for the transport of goods by air, and at regular intervals «RUBYSTAR Airways» prolongs and reaffirms their validity, successfully passing certification checks and inspections carried out by national and international competent bodies and authorities. We have highly qualified and experienced specialists in the field of civil aviation. Our Airline is able to carry out tasks of any complexity.  We can transport various types of cargo to almost any point in the world, while constantly maintaining high standards of flight safety.

Thus, since its foundation in 2000, Unitary Enterprise «RUBYSTAR» has evolved from an air cargo transportation sales agency into a real cargo airline with its own fleet with various types of cargo freighters. The head office of the Airline is located at Minsk National Airport.

Currently, «RUBYSTAR Airways» is a sustainably developing airline with a fast and flexible policy focused on the fullest possible satisfaction of customer needs in the field of international air cargo transport. The fleet of «RUBYSTAR» UE consists of two Il-76TD aircraft and five An-12 aircraft. The Airline also operates a Boeing 747-freighter.

The main criterion for the Airline activities is the strict observance and implementation of all standards and requirements of civil aviation in the field of quality, flight safety and aviation security. To recognize the importance of introducing international management systems into the Airline’s activities to increase competitiveness, prestige and successful work in the international air cargo market, «RUBYSTAR Airways» has developed and implemented a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2015. In 2016 the Airline successfully gained a TIC Certificate to ISO.

Over the past years, our Airline has acquired a reputation for a reliable partner and respected air carrier, whose name and logo are well known and recognizable in many countries on different continents, and whose services are regularly used by the world's leading transport and logistics companies and brokers.

Below please find List of basic documents of «RUBYSTAR» UE that regulate our activities:

Air Operator Certificate No. 06, according to which «RUBYSTAR» UE has the right perform commercial air operations.

Maintenance and Repair Station Certificate No. TO-10 allowing to perform aircraft line, special and base maintenance, engine replacement and some other technical works.

Air Transport Agency Certificate No. SA-21.

Certificate TIC (TUV International Certification) for the management system according to ISO 9001: 2015 and STB ISO 9001-2015 standards.

European Aviation Agency (EASA) Authorisation No. EASA.TCO.BLR-0001.02 allowing to perform commercial air transport operations into, within or out of the territory of the Union.

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